Boys Varsity Tennis · Riverton High School Boys Varsity Tennis falls to American Fork High School 1-9

Thursday, March 17, 2016

3:00 PM

Riverton High School

American Fork High School

Meet Recap

Hi…. My name is coach McKenzie…..I would like to get to know you better, my players. Today was one of those days that I learned a lot but we didn’t get as much to show for it as I would have liked. I tried some players at some different positions and in at least one instance it paid off. I owe my players more by putting them in the best position to win and based on what I thought I knew I did that today but I was wrong and so I hope those singles players who played doubles today and some doubles players who played singles will bear with me as I learn. I was proud of the play that all of my players gave today particularly as they learned new roles and skills.
Nice job from Jeremy and Lawson. Good luck tomorrow as one of you will be less of a mouthy person after your surgery and one of you will finally get to play singles.

Nice play Brady and Landon. I love it when players play better players but our effort shows we are willing to take on challenges.

I don’t like being asked what position am I because frankly I am still trying to figure that out so….it’s nice to meet you be patient with me while I figure you out.